Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitor advantages:

  1. Improve your fuel economy

  2. Extend your tyre life

  3. Increase driving safety

  4. Top Quality TPMS for Trucks, Cars, Trailers & Motorbikes

  5. Easy 5 min installation

Don’t buy cheaper inferior products, choose Pressure Pro, the best and most reliable tyre pressure monitoring system available. When it comes to vehicle safety, there’s only one thing between you and the road and that’s your tyres.
When dealing with vehicle safety, one often over looked, but very important vehicle safety area is tyre pressure monitoring.
Previously there was only one way to check your tyre pressure, by using a gauge directly on the tyre’s valve. While this method works fine it relies on owners manually checking the tyres inflation before each trip. With this top quality wireless tyre pressure monitoring system, you can easily sit back and relax, knowing your vehicle’s tyre pressures are constantly being monitored. The onset of electronic tyre pressure monitoring systems takes much of the guesswork out of the process while improving the convenience factor. Have piece of mind knowing you are increasing road safety while saving yourself money by fitting the easy to install PressurePro System.

Saving you Fuel

It’s a proven fact that correctly inflated tyres save you fuel and last longer helping to reduce carbon emissions. When tyres are under inflated, they cause more friction with the road surface, this results in more energy required to move the vehicle and therefore more fuel being used. With this clever system, you’ll know straight away without even leaving the drivers seat if your tyres are at the perfect pressure.

Extend your tyre life by reducing unnecessary tyre wear

Under inflated tyres run hotter than correctly inflated tyres. It’s a simple but often overlooked area. Now you don’t need to remember to check your tyre pressures regularly. You can easily observe the tyre pressure readings on each wheel with a centrally located monitoring console. Heading out on the road with incorrectly inflated tyres will cost you more in the long run than purchasing the monitoring system.

Increase Road Safety

Why take chances for you, your loved ones and those around you on the roads when you can easily avoid risk?
Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to reduced vehicle handling and braking performance. A large number of accidents are caused by vehicles loosing grip with the road surface due to incorrect tyre inflations. Tyre blowouts can occur if a vehicle is running on a flat tyre or one that is loosing air. With this pressure monitoring system, you’ll know as soon as a puncture occurs, so you can pull over and stay safe on the road. Safety should always be a top priority.

Multi-wheel Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitor

Multi-wheel Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitor


Top Quality TPMS Product

PressurePro™ Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The finest Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the market. You can fit the system to trucks, trailors, motorhomes, cars and motorcycles. PressurePro™ provides peace of mind and protects your vehicle and occupants.
PressurePro monitors pressure in tyres via electronic sensors fitted to each tyres valve, these sensors transmit a Radio Frequency (RF) signal to the monitor (housed inside the vehicle) which displays these pressure readings. PressurePro Sensors read tyre pressures every 7 seconds (12,343 times each day). The preset programming and tyre pairing is maintained in the Monitors memory. The PressurePro TPMS is designed and manufactured in the USA by Advantage PressurePro LLC and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Simple Installation

Installation of the PressurePro TPMS requires no tools and is an easy step-by-step process.

  • Set all of your tyres to the vehicle or tyre manufacturer’s recommended cold pressure, this is best done before driving the vehicle.
  • Position the PressurePro monitor in the desired mounting location and plug the monitor into the vehicle 12v accessory socket. Press and hold the “PROG” button, the front left tyre position will begin to flash.
  • Screw a Sensor onto the valve stem at this position, the Monitor will display that tyres pressure (it may take up to 60 seconds for this to occur). The initial pressure sent from the sensor becomes the BASELINE pressure for this tyre. (The Sensor will alert at a pressure loss of 12.5% below this baseline and again at 25% pressure loss). Press and hold the PROG button until the flashing wheel location moves to the NEXT TYRE POSITION repeat this process until all Sensors are fitted.
  • Once all tyre positions are installed pressing the SET button completes the installation. The system is now installed and operating.

Here’s a video on How to Install the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


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